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  1. The Hack that Stopped a Country

    What if hackers were able to instantly cripple grocery stores, businesses, banks, hospitals, public transit, power plants, and government offices?  While you may not have heard about it, this terrifying worst case scenario has actually happened before, costing more than $10 billion in damages and spreading across global ...


  2. The SolarWinds Hack: Worst Case Scenarios

    Never before has a hack of this sophistication and scale been seen.  But now that 18,000 organizations are considered breached, what can the hacked information be used for?  We walk through the worst case scenario possibilities of what the cyberattackers could do with the SolarWinds hack data -- ...


  3. The SolarWinds Hack: What Happened?

    It was a dark day in cybersecurity when the world realized that the largest and widest reaching data breach in history had hit over 18,000 companies and organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense, Microsoft, and just about everything in-between.  In this episode, we take a look at ...


  4. From Supercomputing to Supersonic

    It’s been about two decades since the Concorde flew passengers across the Atlantic at supersonic speeds, and if it were still in operation today, a ticket would cost you around $20,000.  Some saw the retirement of the Concorde as the end of supersonic commercial air travel, but undercover ...


  5. How Supercomputing Touches the World(s)

    From the case on your phone to rovers on Mars to vaccines -- supercomputers have played a role in just about everything around us.  And many of those projects have rolled through one of the biggest supercomputing centers in the world -- the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).  ...