Accelerating HPC Workflows with AI

March 28, 2019

In this Big Compute Podcast episode, Gabriel Broner hosts Dave Turek, Vice President of HPC and Cognitive Systems at IBM, to discuss how AI enables the acceleration of HPC workflows. HPC has traditionally relied on simulation to represent the real world. Over the last several years AI has had significant growth due to innovation, growth in compute capacity and new architectures that have enabled it. HPC can benefit from AI techniques. One area of opportunity is...

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Boom Supersonic – Pushing Boundaries in Aerospace Design

March 14, 2019

Gabriel Broner interviews Josh Krall, the CTO of Boom Supersonic. Boom is designing the next generation of supersonic airliners using HPC that is entirely in the cloud, replacing the decommissioned Concorde and re-opening trans-Atlantic flights at supersonic speeds. For more information, visit or

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Rethinking HPC in Academia

March 04, 2019

Gabriel Broner hosts Marek Michalewicz, Director of ICM, the HPC center at the University of Warsaw to discuss Rethinking HPC in Academia. With the advent of HPC cloud platforms, we may give every user access to systems on-premise, across multiple centers and in the cloud, to enable new research and accelerate time to research.  

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New Architectures in HPC

February 26, 2019

Host Gabriel Broner interviews Mike Woodacre, HPE Fellow, to discuss the shift from CPUs to an emerging diversity of architectures. Hear about the evolution of CPUs, the advent of GPUs with increasing data parallelism,memory-driven computing, and the potential benefits of a cloud environment with access to multiple architectures.

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