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  1. How Supercomputing Touches the World(s)

    From the case on your phone to rovers on Mars to vaccines -- supercomputers have played a role in just about everything around us.  And many of those projects have rolled through one of the biggest supercomputing centers in the world -- the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC).  ...


  2. Tsimulating Tsunamis

    In 1908, the largest earthquake ever recorded in Europe hit Southern Italy, wiping out the entire coastal town of Messina. Once the shaking had stopped, survivors thought they were safe until a massive tsunami followed minutes later. Even today, the exact cause of the tsunami is debated in ...


  3. The Power of Plants to Pulverize Coronavirus

    What if that plant on your desk could hold the key to stopping your stuffy nose?  From morphine to chemotherapy drugs, plants have played a vital role in developing pharmaceuticals to treat all kinds of ailments.  We talk to undercover superhero, Jerome Baudry of the University of Alabama ...


  4. The Clever Coatings of Coronavirus

    It’s been months since the infamous coronavirus has crept across the globe, closing schools and workplaces and changing the way we live our lives.  But why is COVID-19 seemingly so good at infecting people?  What makes this virus different than others?  We talk to undercover superhero, Rommie Amaro ...


  5. How COVID-19 Spreads Indoors

    Welcome to Series #2 of the Big Compute Podcast!  Ever wondered how COVID-19 can spread through the air indoors?  Is 6 feet apart enough distance?  Do plexiglass barriers protect us?  We talk to undercover superhero, Jiarong Hong of the University of Minnesota, about his discoveries from simulating the ...